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Testing & Assurance Services



The demand on Quality Assurance has grown significantly for enterprises of today. In parallel, dynamic market trends and the ever-changing technology landscape with the emergence of disruptive technologies such as cloud, mobility and social media have made profound impact that has necessitated a change in approach, methodology and delivery of Testing Services.

Epsoftinc’s Testing Services are backed by a strong legacy of testing expertise and endorsed for its wide range of testing services spectrum, quality of resources, wider delivery capabilities and strongly recognized as a sound choice for its customers by leading analysts. We offer business transformation through IP driven differentiated service mix aligned to emerging trends.


Life-Cycle Testing

Traditional services including Functional, Regression, Non-Functional, Test Automation and other types and levels of testing across the life-cycle. Read more

Industrialized Testing

Test asset optimization and large-scale test automation services through Test Factory and Shared Services Models leveraging home grown IP based solutions and ASQ tool vendor partnerships. Read more

Managed Testing

Organizations have technology needs around standardization across domains in terms of testing, of processes, templates and reports. They have testing resource dependencies for application knowledge and testing within domains. There is a lack of quality control standardization across domains and are in need of risk and mitigation plans in terms of resource planning. Read more

Test Consulting

Thought leadership through transformational services to objectively trigger a quality engineering mechanism aimed at continuous improvement in the testing process and service delivery capability. Read more

Specialized Testing

Testing of Mobile Applications, Packaged Applications and technology centric test services such as BI / DW, SOA, and others leveraging technology point solutions, frameworks and tailored methodologies and approaches. Read more



Cloud based end-to-end test management solution to improve quality through collaboration among Business, Development and QA teams to effectively manage test activities and assets across the life-cycle.


Cloud based, pay-per-use tool that accelerates the test automation process and offers significant savings on commercial license costs as well as reduces dependency on skilled resources.


Hybrid automation framework to jumpstart automation engagements. It offers standard function libraries across technologies like Oracle Apps and Web applications.


Keyword based solution developed leveraging commercial and open source automation tools to help accelerate mobile test automation efforts.


Toolkit to help objectively assess, quantify and baseline the Test Maturity process capability of an organization by leveraging industry leading maturity assessment models like TPI, TMM and TMMi.


Automation capability accelerator that reduces time to market while improving productivity and offers savings on commercial tool licenses as well as reduces dependency on skilled resources.


A Toolkit comprising of frameworks, guidelines, best practices and reusable test assets developed by Epsoftinc to help augment testing efforts in the Mobile space


OPEX based performance testing solution that enables performance testing to be conducted with user load simulation from either cloud or within the customer’s LAN.