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The changing business outlook towards IT is driving the movement of DevOps in the industry today. In our view, DevOps is an important capability of an organization to sustain and compete in the current market to tap the market opportunities by continuous software delivery. Organizations are implementing one or more DevOps areas like Continuous Integration, Automated testing, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery of software. DevOps is the methodology that focuses on communication, collaboration and integration of Development, Testing and Infra teams to generate and retain customers and revenue. Epsoftinc has established DevOps CoE to assist organizations in DevOps assessment and DevOps implementation to achieve their vision of DevOps, with following key objectives:

  • Gearing up our customers for DevOps Movement
  • Focused research to identify best of the breed tool chain
  • Access to professionals with DevOps Expertise
  • Building Partner Eco-System


DevOps Assessment Service

Assessing current DevOps practices, improvement areas, capabilities of the customer teams to arrive at the maturity level of the organization. DevOps Assessment will reveal the maturity level in various DevOps areas like Continuous Integration, Automated Testing, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery. Read more

DevOps Implementation Service

Implementing DevOps solution in a selected Pilot project which has high visibility, require frequent updates / releases and is critical to the business to bring the required momentum in the organization and buy-in from management.