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Cloud Services


Epsoftinc has a robust strategy in place to reach out the potential markets, with a mix of Cloud services and industry specific solutions. We offer services which help customers to build and deploy applications into the Cloud environment. Our Cloud offerings gives a holistic view of cloud solutions for all service models.

Cloud Services

integrated-cloud-offerings_smallEpsoftinc has end-to-end services in place to reach out potential market with a mix of Cloud services. This strategy also includes solutions targeting specific industry verticals, as well in each of the geographies based on specific needs of the business.

Based on the strong experience in the development of Business Application Services, Epsoftinc has following Cloud services:

Cloud Assessment and Consulting Services :Cloud Assessment and Consulting Services are focused primarily considering customers who relatively have low exposure to the Cloud environment. As well, to the customers considering possibilities for Cloud solutions in their application portfolio. Our services offer a deep insight and thorough analysis of your existing systems and help for a successive transition to the Cloud environment. Read More

Cloud Application Management Services : As part of this offering, Epsoftinc assists its customers in the development and support PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Services) solutions on multiple technologies and cloud platforms (Amazon Web Services / Microsoft Azure/ IBM Bluemix etc) with a careful consideration for the cloud specific details in design and development phases. Read More

Cloud Migration Services :Our Migration services specifically target migrating applications from existing infrastructure or On-Premise solutions to Cloud environment using IaaS / PaaS / SaaS based service models and progressively enhancing the solution, considering the functional needs of the business, leveraging other cloud services. Read More

Cloud Integration Services : As enterprises are adopting more and more cloud applications, integrating environments (Cloud and on-Premise DC’s) is crucial piece for connecting these applications considering following scenarios:

  • On-Premise to Cloud
  • Cloud to On-Premise
  • Cloud to Cloud ( One Cloud Service Providers (CSP) to another)

We have a well-defined approach for cloud integration services and Hybrid Solutions using custom APIs, Service Bus/BizTalk Services or 3rd Party products such as IBM cast Iron, Informatica Cloud and Dell Boomi.

Cloud Hosting Services:Cloud hosting services provides infrastructure level of services for quickly migrating customer’s business application using lift and shift approach. Cloud Hosting can be offered for different deployment such as Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud.

Partnership with Cloud Service Providers (CSP’s)

Partnership with the CSP’s helps us provide training, technical support, marketing, and sales activities for the technology. Enterprise who are partners receive support with minimum SLA, consulting for highly scalable and cost effective solutions, Technical expertise for project implementation

We have partnered with leading Cloud Service Providers Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM and Force.com/SFDC, which helps us meet our customer’s flexible requirements and design malleable solutions.