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In today’s fast paced world, improved ROI, customer delight and faster time to market are the keys to survive the competition. The constant improvements in technology coupled with higher digital penetration have led to an era of highly dynamic software solutions that are required to evolve to meet the changing business needs. This ever changing landscape has given birth to agile methods of software development which have grown out of challenges and limitations of traditional software development methodologies. The demand for Agile methodologies is growing due to the tangible benefits derived from value creation by means of a robust framework, where responding to changing requirements and collaboration by reducing wastage form the crux.

Epsoftinc has 10+ years of experience in delivering projects using Agile Methodology. Epsoftinc’s Agile CoE – the recipient of the highly coveted “Agile Community of the Year 2015” award is proficient in delivering Agile projects in various technologies, diverse types and evolving execution models.

The primary charter of Agile CoE is to bring in innovation for improved agility. The CoE focuses on researching and evaluating latest trends and tools in the industry. This has resulted in various innovations like the fully functional Agile Lab, Collaboration Games, Maturity Measurement Tools, Solution Accelerators and Best Practices.

Our strong success record of delivering Agile projects with customer-centric approach has resulted into long-term customer relationships.


Epsoftinc Agility Portfolio

Agile-Diagram01_smallEpsoftinc Agility Portfolio is a collection of four major practices that determine the long term Agility of an organization. The key aspects of making a transition from Waterfall to Agile is to make sure that it does not disrupt the value stream in an organization. Epsoftinc helps in setting up a favorable Agile environment where success can be measured and continuous improvement can be achieved by establishing a feedback loop. The four pillars of Epsoftinc Agility Portfolio are:-


Are your business requirements evolving faster than the speed of technological reform? Epsoftinc Agile consulting services is what you need. Effective Agile implementation requires practical, hands-on and environment centric guidance. Our Agile consulting services are backed by profound practical experience of leading Agile transformation at team and organization levels. Read More


A successful Agile implementation is built upon the knowledge, discipline and enthusiasm of teams. There is an inherent need to channelize the team’s energy in the right direction to achieve best possible results. This is where Epsoftinc’s Agile Coaching capabilities come into picture. Read More


The application of various Epsoftinc Agile Services like Coaching, Consulting and our expertise in engineering practices in actual scenarios is responsible for bringing about Agile Transformation. Epsoftinc helps organizations to build an Agile transformation strategy which can help them shift from their current way of working to the path of agility. Read More

Engineering Practices

Engineering practices are the soul of any successful agile implementation. Engineering best practices are essential for reaping key benefits like Quality, Improved Productivity, Faster Time to Market, and most important happy teams with delighted customers. Read More


  • Up to 30% improvement in time to market
  • Up to 35% Improvement in productivity
  • Up to 20% reduction in rework effort
  • Predictability of Cost and schedule
  • Long term visibility
  • Improved Quality
  • Increased ROI
  • Ability to manage changing priorities