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Managed Services

Do you want to save 50% of your operating expenses for managing your IT infrastructure and Databases? Please reach us to know how you can benefit from EPSoft Technologies Managed Services to get guaranteed 50% savings on your operating expense. We provide 24×7 support for Database, Systems, Storage, network and Engineered systems support with a unique support model that ensures quality, performance, scalability and availability. For more details email us at  info@epsoftinc.com

Database Services:

Service Approach

EPSoft Technologies  remote database administration services are designed around quality and efficiency. Our Service Delivery Platform forms the foundation for efficient and consistent service. The platform combines technology, processes and globally optimized resources to enable our leading remote database administration services. EPSoft Technologies Team facilitates the rapid assimilation of database architecture, standard operating procedures and communication requirements, allowing our delivery teams to mass-customize a service for our customers. In other words, you are provided timely, consistent and knowledgeable service.

EPSoft Technologies combine people and processes enabling (1) focused expertise (2) continuous data availability (3) 24X365 support (4) tailored service and (5) the ability for you to maintain control. Our Team structure  was designed specifically for the function of remote database administration, used by our data experts to more efficiently manage your systems using structured processes to proactively spot, prevent and fix issues. Our world class infrastructure management operations team provides this level of service every single minute of every single day.

The rich automation and proven best practices also enables custom service while allowing you to maintain control and minimize your management efforts. EPSoft Technologies takes over all the service headaches. Combining our best practices with your unique needs enables scalable service options that can be tailored to your specific environment and requirements.

Database Operations

Innovative businesses are turning to managed service providers to manage their database operations. IT leaders are demanding cost effective services that are automated, intelligent and scalable. EPSoft Technologies listened and has adapted to meet the changing needs of our clients. We have three options to manage your database operations, allowing us to meet the emerging requirements of customers with complex database environments.

Continuous Service Assurance (CSA) – A base level of database administration, which ensures 24×365 availability of mission-critical production database environments for small and medium sized businesses…all for a fixed annual fee..

Enterprise Service Assurance (ESA) – Tailored towards the unique needs of larger enterprises, leveraging the efficiency and scale of CSA but adds dedicated resources for a greater depth of database management services.

ONdemand Services (ODS) – Hourly database services that are used to supplement both CSA and ESA. As a data operations customer, you have quick and easy access to our ONdemand team. Now, you only pay for the advanced database services that you need in a way that seamlessly integrates with your normal operations.

Database Monitoring & Administration for Small to Medium Businesses

Continuous Service Assurance (CSA) from EPSoft Technologies is the solution for timely, reliable and cost efficient database system administration services. With CSA, organizations can have the essential functions of database maintenance in an automated and optimized remote service. You receive the cost benefits of a leveraged and scalable operation, while maintaining your custom processes using our intelligent technology. The service offers 24X365 support of the database environment through monitoring, system-level troubleshooting, and documented routine processes.

7X24X365 Database Troubleshooting

The research and corrective actions taken by EPSoft Technologies, in response to critical system-level notifications. Troubleshooting tasks include:

  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • 24X365 critical support & remediation
  • Database return to normal operations
  • Root cause analysis of critical events
  • Native database recovery

Routine Administration Processes

Each customer has unique SOPs and routine maintenance needs. If it can be clearly defined, it can be successfully executed. Special alerts that are selected by the Customer can be:

  • Routed to the Customer
  • Routed to EPSoft Technologies Team

Customer-defined actions are taken by our Team for these special alerts or for routine automated maintenance procedures.

Service Management Reporting

Our Team provides customers data regarding the status and quality of the service and the performance of the database. Report data includes:

  • Ticket status and trends
  • Alert summaries
  • Service request summaries
  • System performance and trend data
  • Quality & event data

For tasks that go beyond basic database operations, enhance CSA with hourly ONdemand Services (ODS).Hourly Database Administration…

For an enterprise operation requiring a team of DBAs for a range of tasks, try our Enterprise Service Assurance. Full-Time DBA Services…

Onsite & Full-Time Database Administration Services for Large Businesses

A shared database operation is effective and cost efficient for most small and medium sized organizations. However, large enterprises may need a dedicated team of resources to manage their infrastructure. For these organizations, EPSoft Technologies has Enterprise Service Assurance (ESA)

ESA leverages the optimized CSA operation that manages the monitoring, troubleshooting and the documented routine processes of an organization. However, a DBA or team of DBAs is dedicated 100% to the customer for enhanced service and infrastructure management. The dedicated team is able to perform higher value administration functions unique to large data environments that may go beyond the CSA service. These functions often require detailed knowledge of a data environment enabling our team to better optimize, recommend, upgrade and manage the entire environment


By layering dedicated DBAs on top of the CSA service, large organizations are able to:

  • Reduce costs by standardizing and optimizing routine administration tasks
  • Have a reliable, continuously operating data operation
  • Have a robust data operation with enhanced expertise and data performance

Our OnDemand Services (ODS)  can also serve as a supplement to the ESA operation. Though ESA customers can handle many of these services with the dedicated team, additional resources are at the ready should they be needed. Hourly Database Administration..


For small and medium sized businesses needing basic operational services, try our Continuous Service Assurance. Database Monitoring Services…

On Demand Services (ODS)

EPSoft Technologies offers a variety of advanced database services to meet the additional database management needs of our CSA and ESA customers. By going above and beyond the basics of database administration, EPSoft Technologies provides you comprehensive solutions for reliable database operations and enhanced data performance. Since these services may not be needed on a regular basis, you only pay for what you need, when you need it. These services ensure rapid and comprehensive DBA support on an hourly, pay-as-you-go basis.

Common services include:

Implementations & Updates

The creation, migration, patching and upgrading of  the database and database components, including:

  • Specification & database creation
  • Platform installation & upgrades
  • Data relocation & refreshes
  • Data & object migrations
  • Component installations & patches

Analysis & Improvement

The discovery, recommendation and execution of system-related database improvements, including:

  • Performance analysis
  • Recommendations & remediation
  • Database reorganization development
  • Statistical updates
  • Database index tuning
  • Resource mentoring

Security & Object Administration

Modifications made to the user accounts, objects and processes related to the database, including:

  • User account maintenance & creation
  • Database privileges grants & revokes
  • Database object creation & alterations
  • Exports/ import creation & execution

Business Continuity Planning

The preparation, creation and testing of backup and recovery-related processes specific to the database, including:

  • Backup & recovery process development
  • Disaster recovery test preparation
  • Disaster recovery scenarios testing
  • Replication setup & administration

Use ONdemand Services in conjunction with our CSA and ESA operational services                                     .
For small and medium sized businesses needing basic operational services, try our Continuous Service Assurance. Database Monitoring Services..                                                            .
For an enterprise operation requiring a team of DBAs for a range of tasks, try our Enterprise Service Assurance. Full-Time DBA Services…

DBA Staffing

We understand that not all data needs can be addressed in a predefined service or as a defined project.That is why we offer our data expertise as a staff augmentation service. After identifying your specific need, we can provide you the DBA expert that fits your need and schedule, whether it is for:


Sometimes you just need resources to supplement your team or hold you over during vacations or holidays. Our resources can perform operational, administrative, management or advanced data tasks. If it is related to the database, chances are we have the resources you need that fit your schedule.

EPSoft Technologies staffing services are available using onshore, blended, or offshore (India) resources. Regardless of your resource location preference and cost requirements, we can deliver. Our follow-the-sun model enables flexible, around-the-clock responsiveness.

Database Projects:

Whether you use our Database Operations services or just need some one-time help with your data environment, EPSoft Technologies offers comprehensive database project services. Our focus on system DBA tasks provides you the expertise you need to get these tasks completed on time and on budget. We will handle those time consuming infrastructure projects so that you can manage and improve your business.

Common Projects include:

  • Database Upgrades
  • Oracle Upgrades
  • Database Patching
  • Database Installations
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Auditing
  • Performance Analysis
  • Database Optimization

If it is related to the data infrastructure, chances are we can tackle it with our expert resources.