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Predictive Analytics

EPSoft Technologies exclusively focuses on helping Enterprises & Startups globally, through a combination of Big Data Infrastructure & Advanced Analytics capabilities

The cornerstone of any Big Data architecture is its infrastructure. Big Data is a complex and constantly changing ecosystem, and choice of infrastructure impacts the business value derived from your data. At EPSoft Technologies, we leverage our end-to-end Big Data and Analytics solutions delivery expertise, to identify the right Big Data infrastructure that meets your business objective, time and IT budget constraints.

Our Big Data Infrastructure services accelerate the time to value from your Big Data deployments, without disrupting your legacy infrastructure and maintaining TCO. We offer vendor-neutral recommendations, and have expertise in both ISV and open source products. 

Predictive Analysis:

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is at the heart of data-driven strategies that give organizations their competitive edge. Analytical models for long were based on hindsight. Organizations are moving to advanced analytics and are tightly integrating it into their key decision making process. Predictive Analytics has found many use cases in several industries/functions, to name a few –
1) Marketing to identify customer segments unheard of,
2) Financial Services to prevent fraud,
3) Supply chain to prevent stock-outs during holiday period,
4) Retail to provide seamless & superior omni-channel consumer experience,
5) Oil & Gas to reduce equipment downtime using IoT driven analytics.
At EPSoft Technologies, we have a team of highly skilled Data Scientists and Data Analysts with deep domain expertise. They deploy advanced analytics solutions that will help you to conduct pre-mortem on significant investments, reduce fraudulent claims, increase customer acquisition and wallet share, reduce churn, and achieve higher ROI.

Our service offerings span across Marketing Analytics, Risk Analytics and IoT driven Analytics.


  • Lead Scoring
  • Churn Analysis
  • Credit Scoring
  • Recommendation Engine


    • Machine Learning
    • Model building
    • Data Analytics

Our Advanced Analytics Toolkit